Enhanced Fingerprint Technology

WSA’s biometric systems are designed to give you complete control of all aspects of your employees’ time and attendance using high grade encrypted fingerprint technology.

Not merely clocking in systems our solutions enable you and your HR team a powerful management tool which will significantly reduce payroll time and costs while providing valuable human resource information at your fingertips.

Our time & attendance management software will; calculate employees hours, overtime worked, manage rota systems, deduct or highlight for lateness, early exiting, absence and any other infringements. Our software will also help you manage annual leave, sickness and a host of other user definable leave types.


Biometric Attendance System

  • Calculates Employee Hours & Overtime
  • Stores Finger Template
  • Eliminates Swipe Card Cost
  • User Friendly Software
  • Plug & Play
  • TCP/IP Network or Memory Stick Compatible

Starting Price: £399

Biometric Attendance With Access

  • Enhanced Security
  • Calculates Employee Hours & Overtime
  • Standalone or Multiple Site Scalability
  • User Friendly Software
  • Expanded Report Suite
  • Links to Payroll

Starting Price: £599


Standalone Facial Recognition System

  • 400 Users, 100000 Records, Large Capacity
  • Dual Camera Verification
  • Advance Face Recognition
  • Touch Screen Convenience
  • USB Pen Drive Compatible, TCP/IP connectivity
  • Web Server Convenience for Use and Setup

Starting Price: £799

Payroll Link

Companies who run their own in-house payroll using packages such as Sage Payroll, Quick Books or Pegasus can have a link created enabling the total weekly or monthly hours of their employees to be imported from the time & attendance software into their existing payroll software, potentially saving hours of re-keying data.


How can WSA help improve your Time & Attendance?

Here at WSA, we understand the importance of simplified and automated time & attendance software. Whatever the nature of your business, you can rest assured that a time & attendance system and related employee management software will help your organisation run more smoothly and efficiently.
Our team will also deliver training, maintenance, upgrading and continuing development support for your time & attendance system.


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